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    NB! Emply is using Zendesk, Inc (“Zendesk”) to handle service and support tickets. You can read the Zendesk Privacy Notice by clicking here.

    We encourage you to not upload any personal data as part of your service or support ticket. If personal data is included in a service or support ticket, Zendesk will become a sub-processor for the purpose of processing of those personal data. Your submission of the service or support ticket will be considered acceptance of Zendesk as a sub-processor. Consequently, for the purpose of processing of said personal data, Zendesk will be considered a new sub-processor under the data processing agreement entered into with Emply.

    Please note that Zendesk will host said personal data in Germany, with failover to Ireland. In some instances, the personal data may be transferred to and processed in countries outside the EEA that do not have adequacy decisions. The mechanism for such transfers outside the EEA will be the European Commission’s Standard Contractual Clauses (for transfers to Zendesk sub-processors and Zendesk’s Binding Corporate Rules for intra-group transfers.