Create a new job

In this article you can read about how to create a new job, which is an important part of the recruitment system. Let's create a new job.

Create a new job

1. Click on "Recruitment" in the main menu


Note: The main menu can vary based on your user type and available services from Emply.

2. Click on "New job" 


If you have multiple templates created (Read more here) you will have the opportunity to select a job template for the new job before going to the sup page (see step 3). It could look like the following:



3. You have now come to the setup page for at new job, which is divided intoJob settings” and “Screening questions”

You can read more about screening questions here


4. Job setting

In the tab the "Job setting" tap you can change the elements of a job ad - such as language, job ad, job title, basic settings and job ad details.

Language: You can add different language to a job. This requires that the language is also connected to your account.

4.1. Hold cursor over “+” to add another language to the job


4.2. The language is added, and you can type the job title and add text in multiple languages


4.3. The candidates can easily change language if there is different languages added to the job. The candidates can change the language using button like this: Madeeasy_Career_Site_2019-10-16_15-23-22.png


5. Job ad

It is possible to create several job ads when you create a job. Maybe you want to have one ad text on your own career site, but another ad text on an external media. In the box marked below, you can add an internal title, so you have an overview of the various job ads when you promote the job.


You can choose a job ad by clicking "Template". Read more about job ads here


Job title and ad text

You can change the job title and ad text. Remember to paste this into any language that you have added to the job. The job title is similar both externally and internally. The ad text can be edited with features you know from Word. You can click "Fullscreen" as shown below, so you have a larger image for editing the ad text.


Hiring Process

The hiring process cannot be edited here as it is defined from the template chosen for the job. This can be changed in templates.


Basic Settings


Department: Add a department for the job. You can see the departments, which are created to your company: Main menu > Settings > Accounts > Departments. If a user only has access to one or two department, the user will only see this/these departments.

Location: The address is imported from department settings, but you can also manually adjust it here.

Application deadline: Insert the application with a date and/or time. It is possible to disable the application deadline, if you want to insert a text in stead, e.g. "As soon as possible"

Tags: Ad tags, e.g. sales, marketing, etc. All candidates which applies for this job will be given these tags.

Confirmation message: This is the message, which will be sent to the candidate after applying. Click by the red arrow to see or edit the message. The message is imported from the template that you have chosen for the new job. You can also edit the message here.


  • Candidates can edit application until deadline: You can decide if the candidates should have the possibility to edit in their application until the deadline. If this function is enabled, it is best to search, and screen candidates is after the application deadline instead of before.
  • Disable application form: You can disable the application form if the applications don’t upload through Emply, but for example through an external recruitment agency. When you disable the application form, you will be given the opportunity to insert a link.


Job ad details

Job ad details are created under templates (read more here). You can create information such as contact person, location, date of accession, job areas, working hours, etc. This information can be displayed on the job ad for candidates in the fact box. The internal details are not shown to candidates, but only internally.


Finish by pressing the "Save" button at the top right. Before pressing "Save" you can create screening questions. After pressing "Save" you must promote the job to selected media.

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