Start process under Onboarding


In this article you can read about how you start a process in the Onboarding module. Be a pre-, an on- or offboarding process.


You can also start a process in the Onboarding module directly from other modules. Read more here:

*Used if Talent Management is a part of your product, as you can create the chosen candidate in the Employee module, and at the same time start e.g. the preboarding process.


If you for example have completed preboarding and want to start onboarding, you can read more on how to do it here:

Move onboarding profile to new process

Start process under Onboarding

1. Go to "Onboarding" in the main menu


Please note that the main menu may vary depending on the user type and the products you have available.


2. Click "Pipeline Details" on the process you want to start or on the associated tab



3. Click the "New Process" button



4.  You will now see the pop-up "New process" for you to choose:

  • Existing Employee or New Employee*
  • The desired Pipeline
  • The desired Process
  • The desired Employee form


Click "Continue" when the above is selected.

* Note, if you do not have the Talent Management module, this option is hidden.


5. The "Team" pop-up now appears and you can see who will be assigned as team members and access this process. You can also add more team members by clicking "Add User" or wait and do so via the Onboarding profile at a later timer.


Click "Continue" when the team is set.


6. Set start dates for your process

If no date is set, it means that the task in this step will begin immediately, as soon as the tasks in the previous step are completed. If, on the other hand,  a date is set, it means that the tasks int this step will only begin on date selected - not before, even if the tasks in the previous sted are completed. 

Note, however, that you can easily correct these dates as well as skip manually to the next step if you need to.


Once the dates are set, you can choose whether the process should;

  • Wait for the set start dates to begin the next step or not, by enabling or disabling "Await for start dates to begin stages"
  • Start the tasks on the set date on the next step, even if the tasks on the previous step are not completed yet, by enabling or disabling "Force initiating stages on start date"

Click "Continue" when the above is selected.


7. Fill in the Employee form and click "Save"


Note, the Employee form may look different as it can be customized as needed.


Your process has now started and can be followed if you go to Onboarding!









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