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The purpose of setting up screening questions is to ensure that the right candidates are applying for the job. In addition these questions may help facilitate the recruitment process ad and they can be used for screening and sorting by the relevant candidates afterwards.

The screening questions are meant as a tool for certain positions where relevant questions that are not included in the selected application form can be added. For example, asking candidates whether or not they have a driver's license is relevant if a valid driver's license is required for the job. Thereby, irrelevant candidates are filtered out and as an employer, you can now focus on the candidates that match your requirements more precisely. 


NB. Only questions created with one or more options can be used for screening.


1. Click on "Recruitment" in the main menu


2. Click on the relevant job you wish to screen candidates from


3. Select "Edit Job"


4. Select the "Screening Questions" tab

In the tab "Screening Questions" you can create job related questions that you want the candidates to answer. These questions can be answered with text, options or attachments, and can be made mandatory to answer.

If you have screening questions included in the selected template, they will automatically be added here. Otherwise, you can add screening questions here. It is also possible to import screening questions, that were created to another job.

See example below:


To the left of the above image is the editing module for your screening questions and to the right you have a preview as it will be shown to the candidates. The features of this editor are similar to the features of templates and forms.

In the above example, the candidate is asked a mandatory driver's license question where the candidate can answer based on options. Then the candidate can optionally reply with text, and eventually the candidate can upload a file.

NB. Only questions created with one or more options can be used for screening.

If you have multiple languages connected to the job, be sure to translate the questions.

Finish by pressing the "Save" button at the top right, then promote the job to the selected media.




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