Promote a job


After creating a job, you might wish to promote it to attract as many potential candidates as possible. Click here to see how you can create a new job.

The following article will show you how you can promote your job to a number of platforms.

Promote a job

Click "Save" when you have typed in job settings and screening questions. You will be redirected to this page from where you can promote the job to one or more of your media.


In addition, via the above path you can set rules for media so they are displayed, hidden, moved or locked to the chopping cart. This is not described in this article.


1) Click on "Promote job ad" on the medias which you will promote on



2) The selected media(s) will be added to the cart


3) Click on "Checkout"



4) Click on "Confirm payment"


4.1. You will be taken to the final page that looks as shown below:


Job ad: Choose job ad if you created more

5) Once you have decided on the following to each media, you can click “Promote job ad”

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