Send a form to onboarding profile or user

This article explains how you can send a form to an employee, users in the system or an external e-mail adress. This could as an example be a formular regarding employment information or a three-month evaluation schedule. 

Send a form to onboarding profile or user

1. Go to "Onboarding" in the main menu



2. Click "Pipeline details" on the process line to find the relevant onboardingprofile/employee


You can also click directly on the onboarding profile from the overview fan. 


3. Click on the onboardingprofile/employee to whom you want to send the formular 



4. Click on formular and choose the formular you want to send



5. Click on "forward from submission" to send the formular


6. Inform about triggers and if neccesary a delay 

Trigger: Choose if the formular must be triggered now or after one of the steps in the flow.

Delay: Choose if the formular must be triggered with delay, an example could be that you want a couple of days to go by before the formular is sent 

7. Choose "forward to employee" and a message template 


It's also an option to write a message. Remember that the message must include this merge field ( so the employee can access and fill in the formular. 


8. Click "forward and the formular will be sent to the employee for it to be filled out. 


Send a formular to a user or an external email adress 

You can also send a formular to users in the system or external mailadresses (individuals that are not created in the system.) As an example of this could be a formular that someone must fill in, in relation to a hiring process. 

If you wish to send a formular to users in the system or to external mailadresses, you can choose "forward to user" instead of "forward to employee" in step 5, otherwise the other steps are the same. 




Did you know that it's possible to send a formular to more onboarding profiles or users at the same time?

You mark the that the form is relevant for and click "Form":




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