Create/edit payroll groups

In this article, you will learn how to create and set up payroll templates.

Payroll templates can be set up by going to the main menu > Settings > Templates > Employees > Payroll.

Create/edit payroll groups

1. Go to "Settings" in the main menu



2. Go to Templates



3. Go to the Employee tab and choose Payroll


4. Click on + New Group


5. Fill out the mandatory tabs

In the pop-up screen, there will be 5 tabs that need to be filled out: Basic info, Form elements, Export, Working hours, Resignation reasons and Access. All mandatory fields are marked with *.
See below.

5.1. Basic info


Title: Choose a title for the allowance

Internal description: Enter a description for internal use. This is optional.

Payroll system: Select a system from the dropdown list. Emply supports several payroll systems, among which Visma, Epos, etc.


NOTE: As you can see at the top of the pop up, you will be able to create the allowance in different languages, if your environment supports multiple.


5.2. Form elements


Add form elements if you want to use other elements in the Payroll widget on an employee, than the default elements (Job title, Department, Effective date, Salary, Working hours and Document) for this group. 

When adding your own custom element to the group, then you can decide the order and if the element is mandatory to fill in. Please note, if you make the element mandatory then this element should always be filled together with the default elements the first time the employment is created by forms.

If a form element is not in the list, please make sure following requirements are met:

  • The form element needs to be shared and update across forms (see article Standard setup of a form for more info)
  • Future registrations on the element must be deactivated (see article Standard setup of a form for more info)
  • The element is created from following types: TEXT, NUMBER, MONEY, DATE or OPTION. Table, Relations, Video and Files are not supported
  • The element is used on at least one form with the area Employee activated 
  • (see article Create a form for more info)

NOTE: Please bear in mind that it is not possible to remove default elements or edit them.


5.3. Export

Depending on which payroll system you have selected in the previous tab, the Export tab will generate different information.

For further information about payroll Export, refer to the article Payroll export


5.4. Working hours


In this section, you can set up the working hours for this specific payroll group.
Select the working days and when a working starts and ends.

Below, the hours at work each week and the working hours each week are generated automatically based on the working hours you have set up above.
The hours at work each week is the total amount of hours spent at work physically.
The working hours each week are the actual working hours. This is calculated by deducting the minutes of break from the hours at work each week.

Choose how many minutes of break employees should have each working day.

Furthermore, select what the FTE (Full Time Employment) working hours each week should be for this group.
Example: If 37 hours per week is considered full-time, this will be calculated as 100% FTE.
If an employee, based on what is set up on the employee profile, works 37.5 hours per week, the FTE for this employee will be 101,35%.

With regards to Number of decimals displayed (for working hours each week), choose between 2 or 3 decimals (the most common setting is 2 decimals). This will display working hours as either 32,50 or 32,499.


5.5. Resignation reasons

mceclip3.pngSelect resignation reasons from the dropdown or create new ones.


5.6. Access

mceclip4.pngSelect which roles should have access to this payroll group. This access allows users with the assigned roles to allocate a group to an employee.




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